Vision & mission

Looking for a new job can be a struggle and is often connected with frustration. We at Cubra believe that it doesn’t have to be that way. We want to make looking for a job effortless and fun for candidates. That’s why we created our smart CV software.

Cubra is built on profound research and identified pain points and needs in the area of job applications. Our research team interviewed job seekers who struggle with creating a fitting CV. We also interviewed those people who have to read loads of unfitting CVs: experts and professionals in recruitment, HR and management across different industries.

Our goal is to facilitate matches between job seekers and employers. We aim to make the processes of applying for jobs and finding suitable candidates less frustrating and more fun for everyone involved.

Vision nd Mission

Our team

We are a group of creative masterminds, tech superheroes, AI geeks, word wizards and some other freaks, all with a good heart. We don’t accept no as an answer and enjoy challenging ourselves.

At Cubra, we love what we do. We worked tirelessly (and still do!) to make this fantastic product happen for the people and we truly believe we can change the market with our CV solution.

Image of team member Jean–Paul Saija

Jean–Paul Saija


Companies are using artificial intelligence to filter out resumes increasingly. It's time to make the spears the same length again. If companies use one algorithm to pre-select, we use an even better one to get on the right pile.

Image of team member Jakob Kaya

Jakob Kaya


Isn't it amazing that exclusively on the employer side hiring is almost fully automated? CV's are screened, filtered, data-driven background checks. With the help of ML and AI, we want to offer employees the counterpart for more ease of use. With Cubra we want to unlock the power of data to job seekers as well.

Image of team member Laura Antonietti

Laura Antonietti

UX Research Lead & Product Owner

Being happy in your job makes you happier in your life. With Cubra, I wanted to give everyone out there the best chances to get their dream job. One step closer to well–being for everyone!

Image of team member Vadim Kravcenko

Vadim Kravcenko


I remember my first CV — I was a fresh graduate and everything I knew was on a one-pager. I couldn't figure out how to present myself. Having a tool like Cubra would have helped me making myself better presentable.

Image of team member Marko Martonoši

Marko Martonoši

Sr. Backend Developer

Tech enthusiast since childhood - in charge of fixing everything and anything that has chipset basically. Eventually discovered programming, fell in love with it, and hasn't wavered ever since.

Image of team member Selim Fırat

Selim Fırat

Sr. UI UX Designer

Oddball, weird, kooky! Crazy designs calls for a crazier designer. I had to most stressful time with creating a CV because of that I'm happy to make this stressful time an absolute wonderland.

Image of team member Dejan Mircic

Dejan Mircic


Creativity above everything, combined with the job that you like the most is even better. I'm trying always to make testing interesting and funny. Make your fun and create your success with Cubra!

Image of team member Carina Glinik

Carina Glinik

UX Writer

I consider myself as a writer and my peers, friends & family say I'm good at it. So guess who often reads and corrects CVs in different variants. I'm happy to help and happy that Cubra will now help too!

Image of team member Stefan Karaferović

Stefan Karaferović

Frontend Developer

I'm very passionate about anything that has to do with technology. Cubra is especially fascinating to me, because building Cubra is superchallenging, but also very much fun. We are creating something unique that will really change people's lives!

Image of team member Sandra Zoric

Sandra Zoric

Scrum Master

I enjoy programming and discovering better ways of delivering value with teams. Loving multiple professions and creating job tailored CVs, can be a challenge. I'm glad that Cubra provides an efficient solution for this.

Image of team member Jahan Amanmuradova

Jahan Amanmuradova

UX Research

I was that child, who consistently asks never ending questions. Nothing changed as a grown up. It's wonderful to use my skill to help people land their dream jobs.

Image of team member Dragana Deretic

Dragana Deretic

Frontend Developer

I enjoy researching and finding better methods and alternative solutions compared to existing ones, both in programming and in life. Cubra is one of those solutions. It improves creating cv process and turns into magic

Image of team member Petra Popovic

Petra Popovic

QA Analyst

I am ensuring Cubra's quality by working on verification and automation. Contributing to providing the best user experience for users to have representative professional resumes is what drives me. I like working on an application that I can use for my own needs – I am looking forward to creating a perfect CV for myself as well.

Image of team member Marijana Andric

Marijana Andric

Quality Assurance

I enjoy researching and finding better methods and alternative solutions compared to existing ones, both in programming and in life. Cubra is one of those solutions. It improves creating cv process and turns into magic

Image of team member Maja Kuzman

Maja Kuzman

Mobile Developer

Previously I worked as backend developer and little bit frontend - web development. Programming is always my passion and something that relaxes me. Regarding that, I like to investigate new stuff and always try something new.

Image of team member Salvatore Pratico

Salvatore Pratico

Junior Full-Stack Developer

Be part of a team that's changing the game for job seekers is really exciting. With Cubra's AI-powered CV generator, job seekers have the power to create a unique and professional CV that truly showcases their skills and experience with ease.

Image of team member Salvador Catalfamo

Salvador Catalfamo

Junior Full-Stack Developer

Programs rely on data that is available and predictable and AI allows us to understand and process a lot of data. That's why the idea of Cubra seemed extremely interesting to me from the beginning on. As a programmer, it's exciting to work with AI tools such as GPT.