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These are the features Cubra offers you for a great CV creation experience

Create your CV

Create your CV fast and easily

Boost your chances of getting invited to an interview with a visually appealing CV that highlights relevant skills. To make this process less time-consuming and burdensome, we built Cubra: to create the CV that fits this very job you want, as fast and easy as it can be.

Choose your favorite template

Forget about manual designs! Once you’ve fed your profile with your personal information, you paste the job description of the job you want to apply and choose a template you like. Cubra does the rest.

We have several templates for different job fields. They were all designed by recruiting professionals and you can personalize them as you wish.

Choose your favorite template
Manage your applications

Manage your applications

Voilà! You wouldn’t believe how fast your perfectly adapted CV is ready to be sent to your desired employer. With this little effort, you might be tempted to send some extra applications!

Keep the complete overview of all your applications – whether they are sent, in process or planned.

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Your virtual coach on your side

Cubra is something between a super-smart software and your own personal career coach to help you create the best possible CV for your dream job … or for each of your dream jobs!

Cubra’s AI analyzes the job ad of your interest, picks out your relevant skills and puzzles everything together for a perfectly matching CV.

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Let AI analyze your success

Do you want to know in detail how your application process is going? Cubra’s Artificial Intelligence analyzes your data and gives you deep insights?

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